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Rita Roy BFA, MS

South Coast, Massachusetts

This ground breaking artist has an incredible three decades of experience in the arts industry! She is an educator, a masterful problem solver, and an eclectic production designer. Her work has been featured on hundreds of stages, platforms, and galleries in the greater Boston area. 

From actress to stage designer; model to talent agent; and technician to physicist, Roy has a growth mindset that has cross-layered all the information she has gained in her education. It is often applied in her everyday endeavors through artivism and she look forward to the experiences fated for our future as a human race.

Roy has truly embraced her creativity and pushed the boundaries of her talent.  It's amazing to see how she has used her journey to inspire her captivating art pieces. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind art piece and we are sure everyone will find something to appreciate on this website.

Born in Massachusetts and currently living there, she has had a fascinating career journey from actress/model to rebel artist. Her adventures have taken her all over the nation, and yet she still lives a private life and spends hours in her home studio.  We should all be thankful for her contributions to the art world!

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Be prepared for art giving "rebel", "recycled", "apocalypse", "hope", "trauma", "mental health", "growth", "passion", "diversity", and "humanity".



-Mixed Media

-Protest Jackets


-Mask Making

-Prop Making

-Memory Boxes



-Candy Jewelry

-Art Installation

-Resin Pours

-Fan Art

-Custom Framing



Jacket for sale saying "School Strike for Climate"
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