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Networking "Interlude"

This week I experienced being cast as an extra in a short film for Emerson College. They found me from my profile on and I knew it was going to be an exciting opportunity. It allows individuals to be a part of the filmmaking process and experience the behind-the-scenes action. As an extra, one may have the chance to interact with actors, observe the set, and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the film. While extras may not have speaking roles, their presence is crucial in creating a realistic and immersive movie environment.

Being an extra requires attention to detail and following instructions. Extras are often given specific roles or characters to portray, which may involve wearing specific costumes or makeup. It is important to be punctual and professional on set, as filming schedules can be tight and any delays can be costly. Extras must be adaptable and flexible, as they may be required to repeat scenes multiple times or adjust their actions based on the director's vision.

Here are some tips if you are ever cast as an extra is a film:

- Arrive on time to the set.

- Follow instructions given by the director or assistant director.

- Stay in character and be aware of your surroundings.

- Be professional and respectful towards the cast and crew.

- Be prepared for long hours and bring necessary supplies.

- Pay attention to continuity and make sure to replicate actions consistently.

- Stay focused and avoid distractions on set.

- Be flexible and adaptable to changes in the scene or schedule.

- Maintain a positive attitude and be open to feedback.

- Network and make connections with other industry professionals.

Although an extra may not receive the same level of recognition as a main actor, it offers a unique and valuable experience in the world of filmmaking. It allows individuals to witness firsthand the collaborative efforts that go into creating a movie. Whether it's being part of a crowd scene, adding depth to a party scene, or simply being present in the background, being cast as an extra can be a memorable and fulfilling experience for those interested in the magic of the silver screen.

I am always looking out for work like this and I hope Hollywood doesn't let AI doesn't steal these opportunities from us all.


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