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Welcome to Polymath Manifestations

Please give a warm welcome to Polymath Manifestations. It is a brand new company that specializes in art products like wall art, digital art, and sculptures. The company also provides art services through consultations. With engineering and science skills, the team can bring visions to life.

They are looking for people who have a blank space in their life and want to fill it with art and self expression. That space can be multidimensional, like a wall, a venue, or a span of time. Does that sound like you? Do you need to fill the blank in your life? Let’s manifest something together.

If you have a blank wall, they can fill it with one of our already made art pieces in the gallery. Do you like Lord of the Rings? Or Marvel Comics? Or maybe you want to manifest a mural or some custom designed shelves, or both intersected?

If you have a blank venue, they can fill it with talent by producing educational entertainment for any age group. Or you want to manifest some work of performance art and need help with lighting or sound? Their team has technicians for any size show.

If you have a blank span of time, they recommend you spend it with people you love. Which is why they will fill it with information that you can use to maximize your life. Ask how they can design a protest jacket for you to reflect the community you love. Spend time with the people you love fighting for the issues that matter to you.

Sustainability is a core value of the company, and they make items out of recycled materials such as plastic, metals, ceramics, paint, and glass. Some art pieces are made possible by the personal collections of the mixed media artist found across her many experiences and educational journey. She likes to mix natural materials with non-organic materials and reflect on the juxtaposition.

Rita Roy, the polymath behind the company, is located in Raynham, MA, and is willing to travel for projects on location. She has previously run several businesses across different industries, including "Physics For Show," "Ophelia Pearls," and "Art For Show." She will provide services to clients for murals, design, art, sculptures, installations, education, talent management, and entertainment.

Polymath Manifestations aims to help clients manifest their visions by utilizing project planning, critical thinking, and the laws of nature to solve any creative challenge.


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